Intensive Two Day Certification Class!

This training class will offer a complete review of the Eldys’ Yoga Practice program with demonstrations and practice of the postures. Instructors are in demand and no yoga experience is necessary!

How We Help

  • Discussions on finding venues that fit with you!
  • Helpful hints on working with the elderly
  • Maximizing interactions with the staff
  • Presenting yourself to facility administrators
  • Suggested Readings/Articles
  • Reviewing the buisiness aspect of your new work
  • Advertising
  • Insurance Needs/Requirements
  • Setting Rates
  • Community Outreach

What You Get

-Independence: Be your own boss and make your own hours!
-Every Participant will receive a copy of the Eldy’s Yoga Practice DVD
-A booklet with selected poses
-Certificate of Completetion that will enable you to teach Eldys’ Yoga Practice Program
-Lunch will be provided as well as morning and afternoon snacks

Total Cost: $925.00

Certified Eldys’ Yoga Program Graduates Testimonials

I am a certified Eldys’ Yoga Practice instructor. Practicing Eldys’ Yoga gives me incredible benefits to my own physical and mental balance, blood pressure and overall calmness. I was also surprised to find that I can now drift to sleep easier at night. My students have equally praised the benefits. A student with arthritis tells me that she has a greater range of flexibility because of doing these yoga postures. Another student with COPD is thrilled because both her and her doctor see that the breathing postures improve her ability to exhale and therefore inhale. There are many such wonderful stories about the advantages from this gentle yoga practice Besides increasing strength and flexibility, improving circulation, and steadying your balance, there so many additional plusses to Eldys’ Yoga. Half the postures are done standing, and half are done sitting. As a number of students use walkers or wheelchairs, it’s great that all can be done sitting and you still get all the same benefits. Pictures and descriptions of the postures are given to every student, so you can practice anytime. Near the end of each Eldys’ Yoga session there is a posture called Savasna. It is amazingly restful, as you comfortably relax your body and mind. At the beginning of the session, and during Savasna, a “Thought of the Day” is read. I strongly urge you to treat yourself to this gentle Eldys’ Yoga practice. You do so much for other people all of your life – do this wonderful thing for yourself!
Susan Mullin
Eldys' Yoga Teacher
Imagine having a career that brings you joy, peace and happiness and you look forward to practicing every day. I am an Eldys’ Yoga Instructor and every day and every class I find that peacefulness within myself All the students are so engaged in their practice, you can actually see the benefits they receive. When the class has ended you can see the joy and contentment on their faces knowing that they just completed a one hour class of stretching their bodies, helping with mobility, lubricating their joints, working on balance and finding their peacefulness within themselves. How fortunate I am to have this career.
Eldys' Yoga Teacher
Eldys’ yoga is more than a yoga program for old age. I have 3 students (a 33 and 45 yr. old woman and 66 yr. old man) at different stages of Parkinson’s disease. All three have practiced yoga prior to their diagnosis. I am teaching them a modified Eldys’ sequence. In addition I encourage them to pause when they feel the tremors and use the breath to help work through them, rather than trying to control or become embarrassed by them. They have shown great improvement in their confidence, strength, flexibility and balance and pleased to be able to continue to practice yoga. Without my Eldys’ training, I wouldn’t have the toolbox or confidence to help them continue their yoga practice. I am very grateful for my training and to Margie and Barb for developing the program.
Derniere Marshall