I only believe in two ages – under 50 and over 50. That’s where the Eldys’ comes from, because I consider any one over 50 to be an elder. Once we turn 50 things start to break down and I believe it’s because we’re not as active. I designed my program to target specific areas of our bodies that we aren’t using as much anymore.

Eldys’ yoga practice is a one hour program with a standing series as well as a sitting series of postures; but all postures may be done sitting down and you will still get the full benefits. You can do both series, or do the standing series one day and the sitting series another day.

You’ll learn how to coordinate breath and movement which will enhance lung capacity. You’ll also increase strength and flexibility as you continue in your practice.

I’ve been teaching my program for 15 years and my students are always telling me how much better they feel since they started Eldys’ yoga practice. Give it a try and see how much better you feel!

It pays to invest the time in yourself.

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