A gentle introduction to yoga that will enhance your physical mobility with fun and relaxing poses.

With Margie Bello,
Certified Yoga Instructor

I began my own yoga practice in 2003. When I started practicing yoga it was a very different experience for me, because somehow it coordinated my mind and body in a way other types of exercise hadn’t.


As I developed my own practice, I knew I wanted to spread the news about the benefits of yoga. I was especially interested in working with elders who ordinarily would not go to a yoga class. I became a certified yoga instructor in 2006. I began to develop a yoga program that would meet elders’ needs.


I designed my postures so that you do not have to stand on your head or twist into a pretzel to receive the benefits of a yoga practice. My postures were also designed to benefit those with chronic medical conditions or physical mobility issues.

I want to stress that a yoga practice is all about you, relaxing your mind and body and having fun while doing it. I personally try to practice yoga every day. On the days when I don’t feel like practicing, I ask myself “how do you feel after practicing yoga?” and, I always feel great, so I practice. I know if you invest the time and energy into your yoga practice, you’ll also want to practice on a regular basis because you’ll feel great too.


I now teach Eldys’ yoga practice in nursing homes, elder service programs, retirement complexes and Council on Aging facilities. I encourage students to do the postures on their own on the days between classes. My students are always telling me how much better they feel since they started Eldys’ yoga practice. Actually, this DVD grew out of their desire to continue their yoga practice when I was away, or they were unable to get to class.


So, here it is! I hope you give it a try… And see how much better you can feel!