Student and Employees Testimonials

Margie’s compassion for our frail elders at Harbor Health Elder Service Plan, in addition to her love of yoga has given our clients the opportunity to more fully participate in activities and exercises they otherwise would not normally be able to participate in. She is a great compliment to the Rehabilitation department and keeps our seniors functionally active by encouraging and engendering a love of yoga and exercise.

Wendy L. Milot
Administration Elder Service Plan

Before I started the classes, I had sore knees that would give out on me with no notice. All I had to do was turn the wrong way and oops! I had to favor one or both knees, especially going up or down stairs. With the yoga practice, I have felt the tendons and muscles that support the knees getting stronger and now I have no pain and no need to take ibuprofen. My ankles were always weak and now they are much stronger, too. My balance has improved. And I just feel better doing yoga. Thanks for all your help!

Kathy Garity

Margie’s chair yoga is one of the most popular classes at the Kennedy Senior Center. She has a large group of men and women who attend faithfully. Chair yoga is beneficial for all ages, and Margie makes all welcome with her warmth and expertise.

Sue Donovan
Employed at Kennedy Senior Center

Anybody can do Eldys chair yoga. It’s relaxing, reduces stress and fun. The people who come here all rave how good they feel after class.

Marge has been joining us on Monday’s at Standish- and we can’t imagine our weeks without her. She truly cares about all the residents and makes them feel comfortable and capable. Her yoga class is one of the highlights of the week, and the benefits are very apparent. It is critical that this population stay engaged, stay heathy, and stay active- and with Eldys’ yoga you get all three! Thank you Marge, we love having you here!

Lauren Basler
Standish Village Activities Director

I took my first yoga class with Margie Bello last week. It was absolutely wonderful. She was attentive to all my needs immediately. This is the first yoga class that I am returning to! She explained every movement we did and how it was affecting each part of our body. I felt so relaxed even though we had an hour of yoga. I felt comfortable for the first time in a yoga class.


I have sleep issues including a CPAP machine. I also have other medical concerns including a brain aneurysm. For the first time in over 15 years, I slept for six hours, straight through the night! I never woke up once and that has never happened before! Knowing what I was doing, along with explanations of why we were doing our various moves will keep me coming back. This is best move I have ever made! Namaste!

Maureen McKenna

Since joining the chair yoga class approximately nine months ago I have noticed a remarkable difference in my energy level and overall physical and mental health. My body is more flexible, I am walking better, my balance has improved and it has enabled me to engage in a variety of other exercise routines.
Kathy Conforti